3S Daisy Mill

Have a look at 3S performing a play about Daisy Mill



Magnets and Springs

Magnets and springs:


Forces, pushes and pulls:


Espresso / Science 2 / Magnets

MI High Magnets game:


Magnets and springs song on Youtube:


Our local area and its heritage.

Here are some useful links to do research about our local area and its history.






What was it like to live in Victoria Park around the time that Plymouth Grove Primary School was built?

As you can see our school is huge! It has three floors and is 107 years old.

As you can see our school is huge! It has three floors and is 107 years old.

Your task
This half term we will be finding out what life was like for ordinary people living on South Grove in Victoria Park around the time that Plymouth Grove school was built and opened.
This is a whole school project and different classes will be finding out about different aspects of life. We will be focusing on particular buildings that people lived in on South Grove.

Turtle Pond


Curriculum for Summer Term 3S

Curriculum for the Summer Term 3S


This Term we will be looking at ‘Adventure   and Mystery Stories’, Poetry and ‘Authors and Letters’.

There will be a focus throughout this   half term on sentence structure and grammar.

We will also be looking at paragraphs   and connectives in our writing.


The children will have daily guided   reading sessions. There is the expectation in year 3 that all children read   for 10 minutes at home each day (sometimes independently but at least a   couple of times a week to an adult). Please sign your child’s reading journal   when you have heard them read.


In Maths we will be covering counting,   calculating and partitioning skills. Securing Number facts and understanding   shape. Also we will be solving problems involving shape. Handling Data and   measure.

Please encourage your children to   learn their times tables.


Our Science Topics this term are ‘Rocks   and Soils’


The topic this half term will be ‘Working   with and Collecting Data’ and ‘Modelling Simulation and Design’


Year 3S will take part in a range of   indoor and outdoor sporting activities. We recommend that children bring   their sports kit into school on a Monday morning and take it home on a Friday   afternoon to avoid forgetting it.

Sports   – Wednesday and Thursday: Your   Child will need trainers, stretchy shorts, and a T-shirt. School kit is available to buy at the office.



Our Topic is ‘Oceans, Rivers and   Coasts’


In DT the children will Building  Bridges.


Your children will be learning about Islam


We will be looking at Drugs, Growing   and Changing and ‘Saying no to bullying


Your child will be continuing to learn   Spanish once a week with Miss Peck.


Class Blog

A copy of this newsletter can also be found on our 3S Blog. Throughout this term your child will be working on our class blog and you will be able to view some of their work and leave your own comments. The blog website address for both classes is below.



If you have any questions or would like any further information, please feel free to come and see me before or after school or I can make an appointment for a different time.

Thank you Mrs Salvaterra

Oceans and Coasts Homework

This half term we will Be studying Oceans and Coasts.
What can you find out about them?

Hero of the week Class Vote.

Who would you like to be ‘Hero of the week’ and give your reasons.

The Tudors: links and activities

Teacher’s tip… open these activities in a new tab, so you can keep this page open and look at it when you need to during the lesson.

1. First try: Espresso / History 2 / Tudors.

You can explore the different videos and activities here. Why not try the ‘learning path’?

2. Now try a search in Espresso: Tudors.

What other news, videos or information can you find?

3. Next try: Purple Mash / Themes / History / Tudors.

Look at the writing projects and have a go. Remember to use the help videos if you need some tips.



Our discussion about belonging, in R.E.

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